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Yellow Buttercup Hybrid Seedless Watermelon. #04138. Write a Review. 10 Seeds. Buy 1 or more for $9.45 each. $9.45. (75 Day) Regarded as one of the best yellow-fleshed, seedless watermelons available. Bright lemon-yellow flesh is juicy and dense with a high sugar content giving it a crisp texture and super-sweet flavor.

How to Grow and Care for Watermelon

Watermelon, Mamas Girl Hybrid. Family sized fruits with dense flesh and incredible sweetness. $6.95. Seeds. Watermelon, Mini Piccolo Hybrid. Perfect-sized mini seedless watermelon is easy to grow and adaptable to a variety of conditions. $6.95. Seeds. Watermelon, Red Ruby Hybrid.

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Product Details. Botanical Name: Citrullus lanatus 'TriX313'. Height: 6-12 inches. Spacing: 3-5 feet between plants, 5-8 feet between rows. Depth: 1 inch deep when the soil temperature is about 68 degrees F. Spread: 3 - 5 ft. Light Required: Full Sun.

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Download Harris Seeds' Watermelon Waiver. Return your form: E-mail [email protected], FAX (877) 892-9197, or Mail (Harris Seeds, PO Box 24966, Rochester, NY 14624) Seedless Watermelon Germination. Seedless Watermelon Pollination. Seedless Watermelons For Northern Growers.

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At one time this was the predominant watermelon in home gardens and markets. The seed we use to grow our Charleston Gray watermelon plants originated in 1954 at the USDA Southern Vegetable Breeders Lab in Charleston, South Carolina. It is not a seedless variety. Grow this one for seed spitting contests! Give vines plenty of room to run.

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Triploid Watermelons (Seedless) Seedless watermelons require specific temperature and moisture conditions to ensure proper germination. Some seeds may develop under stressful conditions. Seedless watermelons require a pollinator watermelon or normal-seeded watermelon to set fruits. Seeds of a pollinator and complete growing instructions are.

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At 10-12" in diameter and 6-8 lb., this seedless watermelon is the classic "icebox" size, like a smaller but seedless Charleston Gray. Fruit has gray-green outer skin and a firm, crisp, bright red interior. Keeps its superb taste and ripe texture an extra-long time after cutting. PLEASE SELECT. 12 Seeds. $6.95. 57080A. Shipping to PA 18974 zone 7.

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DESCRIPTION. Sentinel offers growers market flexibility along with high yield potential in this 17-26 lb deep red fleshed watermelon. Allsweet-type hybrid that is adaptable to most growing areas in North America. The plants are vigorous, having a strong foliage, being able to give the fruits a very good sun protection.

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Belmont is a seedless mini-watermelon that matures at 6-10 lbs. Belmont offers extremely deep red flesh color and excellent demarcation. It has a very strong and vigorous vine with excellent yield potential. For best results plant Ace, Watermelon Seeds with this variety as a non-harvester pollenizer.

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Red Winner Seedless Watermelon Plant. Rated: Price: 8.95. Sold Out. - Spacing: 48 inches. - Days to Harvest: 80. - Our faviorite seedless melon. - Each 3-Inch Pot contains 1 Red Winner Seedless Watermelon Plant.

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Product Details. Height: 6-12 inches. Spacing: 3-5 feet between plants, 5-8 feet between rows. Depth: 1-1 1/2 inches. Spread: 3-5 feet. Fruit: Rind is light green with dark stripes, flesh is bright red and seedless. Form: Vegetable, watermelon seed. Flower Form: Small yellow flowers. Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate.

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At only 6-8 lb., this seedless watermelon is a nice size for a small family and a cinch to store in the refrigerator. The seedless fruit has a dark and light green striped outer skin and a bright red interior. Plant with enclosed pollinator seed. AK, HI, APO, FPO, PR, Canda, Islands: All Seeds, Annual Flower Plants, Bulbs, Fruit Plants, Garlic.

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Fruit Size: Up to 30 lbs. Spacing: 2'-3' down row, rows 6'-8' apart. Days to Maturity: 80-90. Fertilizer: All-purpose granular organic fertilizer at planting time. We prefer organic approved fertilizers as they aid in better soil health. Containers: 4.5" Pot, 3 Plants (2 Triple Crown Plants, 1 Sugar Baby for pollination) $ 10.95 USD.

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Plant transplants 6-12 feet between rows with 36 inches between plants. Choose a pollinator that can be distinguished from the triploid at the time of harvest.. For successful seedless watermelon production, an adequate bee population is especially important to transfer the pollen from the pollenizer variety to the seedless variety (seedless.

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SALE 10 Award winning Giant watermelon seeds and 10 Giant Tomato seeds Fun and easy to grow Plus free gift Limited Supply Order Now (1.6k) $ 9.95. Add to Favorites. Many of the seedless watermelon plants, sold by the shops on Etsy, qualify for included shipping, such as:

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Seedless Watermelon Growing. Seedless watermelon growing is much the same as growing seeded varieties with a few differences. First of all, seedless watermelon seeds have a much more difficult time germinating than their counterparts. Direct sowing of seedless melons must occur when the soil is at a minimum of 70 degrees F. (21 C.). Ideally.