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Free Resources. Sep 21. Sep 21 Hobbit Party 2022: Photo Album, Menu, and Party Games. Kaitlyn Facista. Celebrating Tolkien, Living Like a Hobbit. For all of my Hobbit Party planning posts and resources, please visit our Hobbit Party page! This year was our eleventh annual celebration, so things have grown quite a bit over the years.

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THE ring on a necklace ("wedding bands" on embroidery floss, Dollar Tree) Silver chunks (Michael's) Gold & silver bead necklaces (Dollar Tree) They also received a cloak and Elvish Pin during the party. Our tutorials for these are super easy to follow. This party was a lot of fun to prepare for and all of the kids loved it!

The Hobbit Party A Long Expected Party {Lord of the Rings}

Here are 20 Lord of the Rings -inspired recipes for you to plan your next LOTR-themed dinner party, from lembas bread and toffee apples, to cottage cheese loaf. Browse through them to get inspired.

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Hobbit Party Food. For a hobbit, food IS the main event! We had a great time deciding which dishes to serve. I created a Pop-Out sign with the Prancing Pony logo (found online), and brown kraft paper food labels. I used "gold" party napkins, plates, and utensils from the Dollar Tree to call to mind the gold of the One Ring (or Smaug's.

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Scones with butter and jam: Sara Kate's Irish scones are a beautiful option for traditional scones. Cheese and bread: I bought a rustic whole wheat loaf and some sharp Cheddar. Mushroom pies. Boiled potatoes. Salad with herbs and hard-boiled eggs. Roast chicken and pickles: Both purchased. Lemon poppyseed cakelets.

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Party Activities for Adults and Kids. Here is a collection of party ideas based on J. R. R. Tolkien's novel The Hobbit.. This is an all-ages article with suggestions for older kids and adults who have read the books as well as younger kids who may have watched some of the Lord of the Rings movies and would get a kick out of drawing a goblin.

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Purchase ball jars with handles (check thrift stores and craft stores), place candles inside them (use stones to hold them in place), and string them up around the room. • Add plants to make.

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Btw, the font used in these menus is "Hobbiton" by Nancy Lorenz. Second Breakfast: sausage. bacon. mushrooms. po-ta-toes. hobbit-hole eggs (for these, I fry the egg sunny side-up and try to keep the yolk in the middle as best as i can to make it look like a hobbit hole door) scones with jam. seed cake.

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Picking the Hobbit theme for the party was easy since the house had a Hobbit hole demeanor about it. I picked out this metal "No Admittance Except on Party Business" door sign to ensure the theme was present from the moment our guests reached the front door. Food Fit for Middle Earth.

The Hobbit Party A Long Awaited Party {Lord of the Rings}

2. Hobbit Party Invitation~ "You have been chosen for an unexpected journey". Invite party guests with a handmade invitation printed on specialty paper, rolled up with a ring holding it together. Decoration. 3. Hobbit Party Decoration~ Welcome guests with hand drawn signs that read "speak friend and enter". 4.

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Lord of the Rings Party Bundle. This bundle includes over 50 (!) pages of printables for your Lord of the Rings party quest. Take your party guests on adventure to destroy the ring with these fun prompts. Also includes party favor tags, 8X10 Tolkien quotes and a "which LOTR character are you" quiz for your guests to take.

Hobbit / Lord Of The Rings Birthday Party Ideas Photo 2 of 38 Catch

Choosing foods for our Hobbit Party was beautifully simple. We started with a variety of "tea party" foods such as: cheese and crackers. pickles and olives. homemade scones. veggie tray. grape clusters. In addition to our glass plates and pottery, I used wooden bowls and a wooden slab that I use for food photography.

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Grape leaves because the hobbits' food stores on the journey to Mordor are wrapped in leaves. And maple cookies because they look a little like lembas bread. For dinner, I wanted a rustic fall meal with beautiful colors, big flavors, and a sampling of autumn produce. I served a twist on shepherd's pie, one of my favorite fall and winter dishes.

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Tolkien & Catholicism. The Rings of Power (TV Series) Free Resources. Sep 22. Sep 22 Our Hobbit Party 2021. Kaitlyn Facista. Celebrating Tolkien, Living Like a Hobbit. Happy Hobbit Day! Our tenth annual Hobbit Party was this past weekend and it was such a gift to spend so much time with our good friends.

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Here is our hobbit party menu: Forest fruit bruschetta ( Recipes from the World of Tolkien) Scones ( An Unexpected Cookbook) Dumbledor blueberry & honey jelly ( World of Tolkien) Pork hand pies ( Unexpected Cookbook) Mushroom pastry cauldrons ( World of Tolkien) Bilbo's Seed Cake. A platter of fruit, cheese, pepperoni & crackers.

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2021: Our Hobbit Party 2021. 2022: Hobbit Party 2022: Photo Album, Menu, and Party Games. Hobbit Party Activities & Inspiration. I wrote this article for the Grotto Network which serves as a lovely introduction to hosting your own Hobbit Party: How to Host a Hobbit Party. You can find my list of free Tolkien-Inspired Fonts here: Tolkien.