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Bloody Shirley Temples (mostly sugarfree) NO EGGS OR HAM

If you don't have syringes on hand or you're expecting a large crowd, you can order syringes here via Amazon. ***** Bloody Shirley Temple *****. // Ingredients //. Sprite. Grenadine. Syringes. // Instructions //. Pour sprite over ice and garnish with a bloody (grenadine) syringe. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook.

Bloody Shirley Temples A Great Halloween Mocktail

Stir the corn syrup, grenadine and food coloring in a small bowl; set aside. Add the lemon-lime soda and seltzer to a large pitcher. For each serving, fill a pint glass halfway with ice. Pour in.

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I was thinking of adding some "eyeballs" in my Bloody Shirley Temple but decided against it to keep it simple. So how was the drink? I think everyone will love it because everyone loves a Shirley Temple….. specially one dressed up for Halloween. Guess who drank these three glasses of Bloody Shirley temples last night?

Bloody Shirley Temples A Great Halloween Mocktail

Bloody Shirley Temples are a kid-friendly, but super spooky way to serve drinks (mocktails) on Halloween. Sprite is mixed with cherry grenadine, BUT the grenadine is added to the cocktail through a gruesome bloody syringe! It's the perfect Halloween version of a classic Shirley Temple.. This is a great mocktail, perfect for kids, but if you want an adult cocktail perfect for October 31st.

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Simple bring 2 cups of grenadine to a boil in a medium sized saucepan. Add in 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar. Stir constantly, while bringing back to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer on low for 30 minutes, stirring mixture every 7-8 minutes. Let cool, then chill syrup in the fridge until ready to use.

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Bloody Shirley Temples. Rating. Tweet Save. Yields1 Serving Sprite Ice Grenadine Syringe. 1. Pour Sprite over ice, wait until it stops fizzing. Squirt Grenadine in for a fun taste and look. Ingredients Sprite Ice Grenadine Syringe. Directions. 1. Pour Sprite over ice, wait until it stops fizzing. Squirt Grenadine in for a fun taste and look..

Bloody Shirley Temples (mostly sugarfree) NO EGGS OR HAM

A Shirley Temple is a non-alcoholic mocktail drink that is sweet, fizzy, and optionally served with maraschino cherries. It is known to be a 1930's drink that was then served to my favorite curly-haired girl, Shirley Temple. It bears her name and is a legendary drink so to say.

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The classic Shirley Temple drink is a combination of ginger ale, grenadine syrup, and a maraschino cherry. It is a fizzy, sweet, and classy drink I used to order as a kid if it was a special occasion. I always got either a Shirley Temple or a Roy Rogers. Ingredients for Bloody Shirley Temple Drink. This sweet drink combines only two ingredients.

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Bloody Shirley Temple Mocktail. Insanely delicious and fun bloody Shirley Temple mocktail recipe to please any crowd. Simple non alcoholic syringe drinks for Halloween parties or just for fun. Easy mocktail recipe with a tasty bloody Shirley Temple. If you are looking for Halloween non alcohol drinks this is the recipe for you.

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Looking for a delicious drink to serve for Halloween? We've transformed a standard Shirley Temple into a spooky, drippy mocktail perfect for trick or treaters — gummy eyeballs included. You can also add gin or vodka for the adults in the crowd — see the Cook's Note for the perfect amount.

Bloody Shirley Temples The Garcia Diaries

The classic way to make this drink skips soda: it's just ginger ale, grenadine, and lime. Here's the most classic mocktail there is: the Shirley Temple! Now, listen. This isn't the overly sweet, syrupy version of this drink. The classic way is actually made without soda: just three ingredients and totally clean flavors. It's not just.

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Fill a pint glass (or other tall glass) half-way with chilled soda and draw 1 ounce of vodka into a syringe. Place the vodka-filled syringe into the soda. To take the shot, the drinker shoots the syringe directly into their mouth then chases it with the soda. Or, the shot can be injected into the glass of soda and everything is drunk quickly.

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Bloody Shirley Temples. 9 months ago. on. May 31, 2023. By. Christina George. If you're looking for a fun and easy way to amp up your Halloween party then try this Bloody Shirley Temples recipe, courtesy of This Grandma Is Fun! While the original recipe is non-alcoholic, we've tweaked it a little to add vodka (you can even use white rum)!

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For our party, we are using the 7UP® Halloween Monster Cans to make Bloody Shirley Temples! This delicious mocktail puts a gory twist on the classic Shirley Temple. It's also a lot of fun for guests because they get to squirt "blood" out of the syringes into their drinks, and even take the syringes home as party favors!.

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Good Witch Kiera and Silent Goblin Katie make a Bloody Shirley Temple Recipe for Halloween in this episode of "Chef Tips." This easy Halloween drink recipe i.

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These spooky Bloody Shirley Temples are basically punch - they're nonalcoholic and so simple, the kids can help you make them! Print Ingredients. 16 ounces lemon lime soda 2 ounces grenadine Red gel icing for decorating Instructions. Fill two glasses with ice and add the lemon lime soda..