7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (2023)

7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (1)

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He has broken off with you, and you are very hurt. You were very close and attached to your boyfriend. But now everything seems to be going down.

Do you want him back or need some time to heal? Then it is time to apply the no-contact rule. The no-contact rule male psychology can help you find a way back to your ex’s heart slowly.

But you need to use this method properly to ensure he comes back to you. Read more about the no-contact rule make psychology in this article.

What is the psychology behind the no-contact rule?

The no-contact rule is often recommended for women who want their ex back in their life. Similarly, it also helps the two people cope better with the breakup they recently had.

The rile is pretty simple, you cut all ties with your ex for two to three months to ensure you get enough space to go through the breakup and decide on a future life path.

The no-contact rule male psychology and that of women psychology work differently. While women could be anxious just after the breakup, men might enjoy the newfound singlehood.

The male mind during no contact

The no-contact rule can affect even the strongest man in the world. If he still has feelings for you, he will sooner or later realize this during this phase.

The no-contact rule male psychology forces him to recognize his loneliness. After a breakup, if you stop contacting him, he will feel free and enjoy this phase as much as he can.

But, with time, the loneliness and guilt pang will start to kick in. Your ex will start to miss you and will slowly remember all the happy moments with you. He may even try to indulge in a new relationship to just distract himself!

Some people even go into depression during the no contact phase. They feel so lonely and go through a realization phase during their depression. With time, they start to find holistic ways to cope with loneliness.

(Video) Male Psychology During The No Contact Rule

Some men come back to their ex and admit their mistakes in the end. If they find they cannot get back to your life, they will move on. But, even so, he will still care for you differently and may even take this experience as a lesson learned the hard way!

7 components of male psychology during the no-contact rule

7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (2)

The no-contact rule male psychology is pretty simple. You are shutting down all the ways of communication with your ex. This will make them more interested and eager to contact you.

In Psychology, this is known as the “reverse psychology.” You are trying to use a way of psychological manipulation to give your ex a taste of their own medicine!

That means they will try different ways to connect with you. Hence, men respond to the no-contact rule if they still have genuine feelings and care for you.

Your ex will go through the seven stages of no contact for a man. If you want to understand how the no-contact rule affects the guys. You need to have detailed information about the no-contact rule stages. Here are the seven stages-

Stage 1: Confidence in his decision

This is the first stage. Hence, male dumper psychology is going full swing. He is a confident man who thinks he has done the right thing to break up with you!

If you are still sad and heartbroken over the decision, you may try to win him back. Do not assume he will run back to you at this stage.

Instead, he is prideful in his decision and will lead his life confidently for a few days. He will party, go on vacations, and even post on social media about his life!

If you contact him, you will not get the best no-contact rule psychology results. So, stop all your urges to reach out!

Stage 2: Starts to remember you little by little

His life has settled in, and suddenly he feels that you are not crying for him anymore. You are not contacting him. The realization starts to hush from this phase. So, how do guys feel when you cut them off?

Well, it subconsciously hurts their ego. He will think about different causes and possibilities during this phase. Because most women try to win back their ex desperately.

But, on the flip side, you have cut him off from your life, and you are not contacting him. He will start to think why you are not behaving like any regular girl! This will compel him to think more about you! So, the psychology of no-contact rule has already started to work on your ex!

(Video) The Psychology Of A Man During The No Contact Rule

Watch this video and find out if he has started missing you:

7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (3)

Stage 3: He is feeling low as you are not connecting with him anymore

As a man, he feels quite boastful when you try to contact him after the breakup. But, since you are not trying to contact him, his subconscious mind will start to respond to the no contact psychology traits.

He will start to feel low. If he still has feelings for you, he will become sad as he suddenly feels your absence in his life. So, what is he thinking during the no-contact rule third stage?

The breakup honeymoon phase is over, and now he desperately seeks your attention. He is angry and wants an explanation for why you are not contacting him. You may even get some angry texts from him asking for an explanation of your action!

Stage 4: Hell-bent on finding a new girlfriend

The male psychology in relationships is quite complicated. He broke up with you, and now he wants your attention! Since you are using the no-contact rule for guys, there is no way to connect with him or give him your attention!

He is so angry that he will think of finding someone better than you! In short, he is trying to prove to you that he is better off getting you back!

In most cases, the guys indulge in a rebound relationship where they find someone to just distract themselves from their ex. He will soon enter a relationship with someone!

But, do not worry, the male mind during the no contact phase is more prone to go for such temporary pleasures! But it is a temporary distraction. After all, modern research has proven that such relationships are not healthy!

Stage 5: He will find coping methods

But, as time passes, his rebound relationship will not give him what he wants. During this stage, he gets a whole new realization.

He is not happy in his present relationship. You are still in his mind, and he still cares for you. The pain of losing you will kick off from this phase.

He is lonely and wants your attention, but he has shoved you away from his life! So, what is he thinking during no-contact phase the fifth stage?

Well, he is thinking of getting over the pain., He is busy finding new coping methods to fill the growing void inside him!

(Video) The Psychology Of A Man During The No Contact Rule

Stage 6: Starts to think about what he has lost!

During the sixth stage, the no-contact rule male psychology starts to become closer to your aim. His coping methods did not help him. He was also unable to find a new partner!

He finally realizes what he has done! He completely understands that he has lost you due to his own fault. During this stage, men often go through a long thinking phase.

They start to reflect on their life choices and wonder how foolish they have been in their decisions!

Stage 7: Hopes that you will contact him

In the last stage, he has already realized his mistake. But most men are stubborn. Hence, they do not want to admit their mistakes and often lead a life with false ideologies.

You have perfectly mastered the no contact after breakup psychology if you have not contacted him during this stage.

So, what is he thinking during the no-contact rule last stage? About you, of course! He still hopes that he has a chance to get you back in his life.

If he is eager, you will find him to ask you back on your doorstep. If he is a stubborn man, he believes you will contact him and take him back! Peculiar, isn’t it?

Do men miss their significant other during the no contact phase?

7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (4)

Many women might often ask, -“Does he miss me during the no-contact phase?”

He surely does. And he is missing you. The no-contact rule male psychology is different from the psychology of women. Men may not miss you for some days after the breakup. But that is just an initial phase.

After things start to settle down, the male mind, during the no-contact phase, starts to look for your presence in his life. He slowly starts to miss you and your presence in his life. As time passes, his longing for you grows, and he feels deep pain and anguish inside himself!

Does the no-contact rule help a man to move on?

Will no contact make him move on? Yes, there is a high chance it can help him move on. But, you have to follow the rules properly to ensure he moves on with his life, minus any grudges against you.

The way no contact works on men, in this case, is different. You have to make him realize that you do not need him anymore.

(Video) Will No Contact Rule Work On A Stubborn Ex Boyfriend, Ex Girlfriend Or Spouse

You have to use the no-contact rule for at least two months. You should stop texting or calling him. If possible, also stop interacting with him on social media.

With the no-contact rule, male psychology will start to kick in. He will slowly understand that everything is over between you two, and he needs to move on. This may be a long journey for him. But, it is possible.

Is this rule applicable to a stubborn man?

Many women ask if the psychology of no contact method works on stubborn men. It surely does. You already know what goes through a guy’s mind during the no-contact phase.

But, stubborn men do not give in to their no-contact rule male psychology traits easily. Their stubborn nature prevents them from doing so.

Even if he misses you, he will not admit it. Instead, he will continue to live on with his stubborn attitude and ego in his life.

Hence, you may need to wait a little longer for stubborn men to see the full result of the no-contact rule male psychology. It may even take months for them to admit that they still love you and want you back in their life. But nevertheless, do not lose hope!

If you believe that your ex is stubborn and you are wondering if the no-contact rule will work in the situation of a stubborn ex, this video from Coach Lee discusses that situation:

7 Components Of Male Psychology During No-Contact Rule (5)

Will the no-contact rule help if he has grown out of love?

Does the no-contact rule work on men who have already moved on? Will no contact work if he lost feelings for you? Well, sadly, it will not.

Don’t waste your time if he has lost all his feelings for you and feels there is no spark behind you two.

In such cases, the no contact psychology does not affect your ex. He has already realized that it is better to go separate ways than maintain a lost relationship. He probably still cares for you but not in the same way.

He has already moved on from his life. Hence, it is time that you also move on and do not fret over what he is thinking during the no-contact phase because your ex has stopped thinking about you together!


The no-contact rule can be a great way to get back with your ex. But, it may not work for everyone. If he has moved on from this relationship, you will not get any results from this rule.

(Video) No Contact Rule Male Psychology - Why No Contact Is So POWERFUL

On the flip side, the no-contact rule also offers you to cope with the breakup and ensure you can find a better man as a woman in the future. It will also heal your wound and psychological trauma.


What is male psychology during no contact rule? ›

The male mind during no contact

The no-contact rule male psychology forces him to recognize his loneliness. After a breakup, if you stop contacting him, he will feel free and enjoy this phase as much as he can. But, with time, the loneliness and guilt pang will start to kick in.

What is the psychology of no contact on male dumpee? ›

The psychology of no contact on dumper is a coping mechanism to help you think hard about what went wrong and how you could be a better person and a potentially better partner to the next person who will come along. Instead of thinking about your ex, you have to focus on self-improvement and healing.

What is the psychology of men during a breakup? ›

According to male psychology, men are at their most vulnerable during a breakup period. They're feeling rejection, abandonment, and resentment which may become unnoticed changes in their behavior. On the positive side, this period also gives them room for quiet introspection.

What are the 5 stages of no contact? ›

These stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. We don't necessarily go through them in any specific order, and we don't graduate from one before we move on to the other and never look back. It's very possible to alternate between two stages, sadness and anger.

How do male dumpers feel during no contact? ›

What do dumpers feel during no contact? During no contact, dumpers initially feel a sense of relief that the relationship is over. Then they start getting curious about why their ex never called. Then they start stalking the ex on social media to see how they are doing without them.

What makes a man miss a woman after a breakup? ›

Loneliness is what makes a man miss a woman after a breakup. When a man misses you, they will crave the cuddles and the emotional stability and always having someone to do things with. Naturally, they will miss you when this happens. Guys will miss the security and sexual intimacy that they shared with you.

How long does it take for a male dumper to regret? ›

Generally speaking, some dumpers regret their decision to break up only weeks after the incident. Other dumpers need years to feel that way. And some never even arrive at the final stage of dumpers remorse. Instead, they move on to someone else — be it a rebound or not.

Do emotionally unavailable men come back after no contact? ›

Most of the time no contact with an emotionally unavailable man or woman works because it gives them the space and the time they need to think about themselves and their relationship. Often dumpers do come back because they have had the time to reflect on their actions and emotions.

What is the psychology of dumpers remorse? ›

Dumpers remorse is the residue of love. It's an emotion your ex feels when they break up with you but regret it later. And while your ex feeling this emotion does increase your chances of getting them back, it doesn't guarantee that it will happen.

Why do guys act like they don't care after a breakup? ›

In reality, men experience more emotional pain after a breakup. They also need more time to move on from heartbreak. Since many guys are not comfortable displaying their emotions, they become avoidant. Loss of a relationship is often a common cause of why men go cold suddenly.

What do men realize after a break up? ›

After a breakup, guys go through a period of introspection and they aren't always kind to themselves. They think about all their flaws and question if they truly deserve everything that they have. They question their flaws and virtues. Guys discover a lot about themselves during these moments.

How do you know if a guy regrets losing you? ›

Here are some of the signs your ex regrets dumping you.
  • They begin to communicate with you.
  • They apologize for the breakup.
  • They show more affection.
  • They discuss issues in their present relationship.
  • They try to atone for past mistakes.
  • They show pessimism when you tell them someone else is involved.
  • They stalk you.
Jul 8, 2022

What is the most effective no contact rule? ›

The no-contact rule refers to cutting off all contact with an ex following a breakup, and it's the best method for moving on from an ex. No contact should last for a minimum of 60 days, and it includes no texting, no calling, and no interacting on social media.

How long does no contact take for a man? ›

Roughly 4 weeks of time alone should be enough to get back into the normal rhythm of the single life. It might feel messy and strange at first, but after 30 days you may find yourself feeling much better. While 30 days is a good rule of thumb, everybody is different.

Does silence make the dumper miss you? ›

It sends a clear message that you won't allow the breakup to take hold of your life, giving you a chance to find perspective and heal. Lastly, whether you want to get back with your ex or not, the power of silence is guaranteed to make them miss you!

Do male dumpers move on quickly? ›

The bottom line is that a dumper with a secure attachment style tends to move on the quickest after a breakup.

Does no contact work on stubborn man? ›

You see, stubborn people are stubborn about getting what they want. So no contact is designed to show your ex that living without you, not hearing from you, and losing you from their life is not what they want. No contact is designed to show even stubborn people what they want the most and what they fear losing.

How do you know if a guy is heartbroken? ›

If he avoids seeing you at all costs even though it is important, it is one of the signs he is heartbroken over you. He knows that when he sees you, the memories will come flooding, and it might be too much for him to handle. Also, he would ensure avoiding places where you are likely to show up.

How do you make him miss you badly? ›

Tips to make your man miss you
  1. 01/6Tips to make your man miss you. ...
  2. 02/6Be mysterious enough. ...
  3. 03/6Have a fun time without him. ...
  4. 04/6Make him feel a little bit jealous. ...
  5. 05/6Don't reply to his calls or texts immediately. ...
  6. 06/6Don an addictive smell.
Mar 11, 2021

What makes a man miss you more than usual? ›

The best way to make a guy miss you is to pull away. Refrain from texting or calling him for the smallest things. If you reach out to him constantly, he does not have any chance to miss you. Instead, give your special person a reason and some time to miss you.

How do you know if a dumper is interested again? ›

Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back
  1. 1 They leave your number unblocked.
  2. 2 They're sad weeks after the breakup.
  3. 3 They're active on your social media.
  4. 4 They haven't returned your things.
  5. 5 They keep in touch with your friends and family.
  6. 6 They initiate contact regularly.
  7. 7 They reminisce about the past.

Do breakups hit guys later? ›

Not necessarily. Ultimately, it does depend a lot on the person and their relationship. If the guy is more open about their feelings, they tend to move on at a healthy pace. If the relationship was a short-term, casual one, they also tend to move on faster than if it was a long-term relationship.

How do you know if your dumper is hurting? ›

21 Signs he is hurt after the breakup
  1. He talks to you often. ...
  2. He says he misses you. ...
  3. He is in denial of the breakup. ...
  4. He enters a new relationship. ...
  5. He cuts you off. ...
  6. You don't hear from him. ...
  7. He blocks you from his digital life. ...
  8. He changes his location.
Apr 26, 2022

What makes a man emotionally disconnected? ›

They Don't Like to Open Up to You

One of the most common characteristics of an emotionally-unavailable person is the reluctance to reveal their feelings to you. Discussing how you're feeling is a normal part of a healthy relationship, but a detached partner will not be comfortable doing this.

What attracts an emotionally unavailable man? ›

"Another reason someone might attract someone emotionally unavailable is because they have low self-esteem. For whatever reason (body image issues, experience of being bullied, job instability, addiction, or mental health issues), they may not believe they are worthy of love and commitment," she says.

How to get an emotionally unavailable man to chase you again? ›

How to Get an Emotionally Unavailable Man to Chase You
  1. 1 Flirt, but let him take the lead.
  2. 2 Pay him thoughtful compliments.
  3. 3 Reassure him with physical touch.
  4. 4 Create sexual tension.
  5. 5 Act confident and aloof.
  6. 6 Keep busy with your own life.
  7. 7 Pursue other relationships.
  8. 8 Take the pressure off of him.

Does the dumper ever grieve? ›

Sadness (and regret) – Not every dumper reaches regret, but it is inevitable that they will hit sadness because no matter how they cope, no one can avoid grieving a loss.

How do you trigger dumpers remorse? ›

Initiating a no-contact rule

A no-contact rule almost always triggers dumpers regret. That's because he suddenly has no way of reaching out to you. That can feel vulnerable and scary. So, to regain control, he may keep trying to contact you.

Does the dumper get separation anxiety? ›

Dumpers usually don't feel separation anxiety because they are the ones that initiated the breakup. This means they are often under the IMPRESSION that they can reverse the breakup if they so choose to. But this can change if you make it clear to them that you are not going to be waiting around forever.

How a man feels when he hurts a woman? ›

To start with, many emotions go on when a man hurts you. Anger, frustration, disappointment, and resentment are a few of what a man feels when his woman is broken. The specific feeling a man has will depend on what caused the disagreement or fight in the first place.

How fast do guys move on after a breakup? ›

Match surveyed more than 5,000 men and women and found that half of dudes are over a rejection in a month, while the average woman takes four months to get over it.

What to do when he goes cold? ›

Tips to bear in mind when dating a hot and cold guy
  1. Don't come across as desperate. Resist the temptation to chase him, act unaffected when he acts cold. ...
  2. Give space – It's sometimes the best way to communicate. ...
  3. Flip the game of the hot and cold guy. ...
  4. Understand that you are not the problem. ...
  5. Confront, back off, and move on.
Jul 29, 2021

What kind of girl guys regret losing? ›

The kind of girl guys regret losing is a girl who knows her worth and sticks to her guns. As relationship writer Yvonne Peters-Adzimah puts it: “A girl who loves herself just the way she is, accepts her weaknesses, and thrives on her strengths is a delight to be around.

Will he ever realize how much he hurt me? ›

Most men who initiate breakups or hurt their partners through their actions or words do eventually experience remorse over losing their beloved. Ultimately, your man will likely realize the flaws in his behavior and actions.

What happens when a man realizes he lost a good woman? ›

Some guys can be stubborn. They may be hurting over losing their partners – but they won't be 'man' enough to show it. On the other hand, a man who's realized he's lost a good woman will not be afraid to show his feelings. He will communicate with you – and show you his remorse for what happened.

How do you know when your ex is truly done with you? ›

Today we will go through 13 signs that show your ex is truly done with you.
  • Your Exes Rebound Is No Longer A Rebound.
  • They Never Unblock You.
  • It's Been Months And All Of Your Pictures Together Are Still Up.
  • You Can Tell They Are Just Responding To Be Nice To You.
Sep 10, 2021

Do men regret hurting a good woman? ›

No, generally speaking, men do not regret hurting a good woman, unless they are shocked into a reality of their actions. That can be a wave of guilt, second thoughts, the action they took backfiring, or the woman they cheated with ends up dumping them. They may regret when they learn from experience the consequences.

What is he thinking during no contact? ›

“No contact” could make him question what he thought he did right. He'll doubt everything from his attractiveness and bedroom skills to his jokes and romantic gestures. He might fixate on every little error he made while you were together, adding to his feelings of regret and insecurity.

Will no contact make him move on? ›

So rather than help your ex move on, no contact slows or potentially reverses that. Chasing and contacting your ex is what actually will cause them to move on – and they will be running. It won't be easy to stay in no contact.

What not to do during no contact? ›

Mistakes You Must Not Make During No Contact
  • Avoid Doing These Things If You Want Your Ex Back. ...
  • Number One, Breaking No Contact. ...
  • Mistake Two, Telling Your Ex That You Are In No Contact. ...
  • Third, Checking With The Other Person During No Contact To See If They Have 'Had Enough' ...
  • Fourth, Over Analyzing.

What does the no contact rule do to a man? ›

The no-contact rule male psychology forces him to recognize his loneliness. After a breakup, if you stop contacting him, he will feel free and enjoy this phase as much as he can. But, with time, the loneliness and guilt pang will start to kick in.

Do guys forget you during no contact? ›

The short answer is “no, your ex won't forget about you during no contact” but I'm sure you'd like to know how I know that. Get your ex back with Coach Lee's Emergency Breakup Kit! For starters, the no contact rule is what gets your ex to remember you!

When should you reach out after no contact? ›

So, to be hyper specific we believe you shouldn't contact your ex until after you've completed a no contact rule of at least 21 to 45 days. If it's not been 21 days yet then don't reach out. If it's longer than 45 days then it's time to reach out assuming you've got the rest of the COOL acronym covered.

How long does it take a guy to realize he misses you? ›

So, a few weeks to two months is the answer to the question, “How long does it take for a guy to miss you?” Typically, men realize what they lost when they can't find a woman with their personality. By then, they learn not all women are the same, and they shouldn't have broken off the relationship.

How long before he misses me with no contact? ›

It can take a man about 3-8 weeks to miss you, but despite what many other articles say on the topic, we advise that there should be no time limit on no contact.

How do you make the no contact rule easier? ›

How to Master the 'No Contact Rule' — the Ultimate Breakup Tool
  1. Write a letter to yourself.
  2. Give yourself room to grieve.
  3. Make a list of the bad things your ex did.
  4. Start a self-care list.
  5. Have a breakup buddy.
  6. Work on yourself.
  7. Start a new hobby.
  8. Give yourself some structure.
Sep 25, 2022

Do guys miss you during no contact? ›

Because the truth is, during no contact with your ex, they will start to miss you no matter what. What they do with that feeling is dependent on their personality. If you were dating an incredibly stubborn person, it might take months before your ex gives in and reaches out.

Does a man forget about you during no contact? ›

The short answer is “no, your ex won't forget about you during no contact” but I'm sure you'd like to know how I know that. Get your ex back with Coach Lee's Emergency Breakup Kit! For starters, the no contact rule is what gets your ex to remember you!

How do guys react to the silent treatment? ›

The silent treatment puts a man in heightened anticipation. It shows you aren't afraid of little distance or break in a relationship. He doesn't know your whereabouts or how you feel. As a result, he realizes what he has lost.

Does no contact rule work with men? ›

By using the no contact rule on your man, you take control for yourself and he takes on the feeling of loss. He will then seek to reclaim what he lost with you. Though nothing is one-hundred percent effective, this post explains why the no contact rule works on men and it works very well.

How long does it take a guy to realize he wants you back? ›

When he realizes his feelings, he might want to get back together. This realization usually happens several weeks or even months after the breakup. He'll recognize how much he needs you in his life or how he can't stand the thought of you with someone else.

How do I know if he is thinking about me? ›

If he wants to know more about you, it's likely that he's been thinking about you. He may also ask you questions or get your opinion about something to see what you think, which is another major clue that you're often on his mind. If he says, “I was wondering what you like to do for fun.

How long does it take a man to break no contact? ›

1 For an amicable breakup: around 30 days. 2 For a long-term relationship: at least 60 days. 3 If things got ugly at the end: roughly 90 days. 4 For an especially toxic separation: indefinitely.

How do you know he will come back after no contact? ›

Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back
  • 1 They leave your number unblocked.
  • 2 They're sad weeks after the breakup.
  • 3 They're active on your social media.
  • 4 They haven't returned your things.
  • 5 They keep in touch with your friends and family.
  • 6 They initiate contact regularly.
  • 7 They reminisce about the past.

How long does it take a man to miss a woman no contact? ›

It can take a man about 3-8 weeks to miss you, but despite what many other articles say on the topic, we advise that there should be no time limit on no contact.

Why silence is powerful with a man? ›

Silence can be a very powerful way to “be” with another person, especially when they are troubled. It can communicate acceptance of the other person as they are as of a given moment, and particularly when they have strong feelings like sorrow, fear or anger.

When a man goes silent it is his loudest cry? ›

when a man goes silent it's his loudest cry. when a man is happy he won't stop talking or laughing. when he is sad he won't say a word. he uses silence to express his pain.

Why do guys go quiet for a few days? ›

Many guys hate failing and feeling inadequate. They often don't have the speed of words to compete with their partner in a conflict. Men's emotional processing capacity is often much slower than their partner. Whilst being silent is a sign of a man's need to process it is also a way to avoid the feelings of defeat.

How to make a man miss you? ›

10 proven ways to make a guy miss you
  1. Deliberately leave things behind. ...
  2. Give him some personal space. ...
  3. Make him wait before replying his texts. ...
  4. Take things slow. ...
  5. Wear a unique perfume. ...
  6. Add some mystery to your experiences together. ...
  7. Have adventures with him (and your friends)
Jan 18, 2018

Does no contact work on an emotionally unavailable man? ›

Often, no contact is the best way to help an emotionally unavailable man or woman feel more in touch with their own emotions and feelings. During this alone time, you can get the help you need from therapists, psychologists or by talking to your close friends and family.


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